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Tom Hickey, Podcast Host and Founder of MedTech Gurus, is a Partner at Excelerant Consulting.

In this episode of Med Tech Gurus. Ms. Audrey Sherman of 3M discusses how she became the holder of over 130 patents. Audrey discusses her journey of innovation. Listen in as Audrey discuss the best practices of innovation & how she became a Final Jeopardy Question!

Big Data is widely discussed in Healthcare and other Industries. Mr. Phillip Abraham has spent his career implementing BIG DATA programs with amazing results. Listen in a Phil discuss how BIG DATA helped Loma Linda University dramatically reduce their supply costs, while at the same time improving patient outcomes!

In this episode of Med Tech Gurus. Dr. Charmaine Gregory brings amazing insights on how to conquer these fears and work outside your comfort zone. Dr. Gregory shares her personal experiences with these issues and how she turned them into a business!  

In this episode of Med Tech Gurus. Ms Lesly Marban brings incredible value regarding the world of marketing. Leslie discusses the concept of starting small and staying nimble. Once you have perfected your product then scale. Lesly goes on to discuss communication best practices that a leader needs to be cognizant of.

Listen in as Lesly ROCKS the Mic!

In this episode of Med Tech Gurus. Ed Staten Director of Sales and Sales Operations of Liquidsmarts LLC discusses the importance of staying on top of your game.

This is an AMAZING episode jammed packed with Value. Ms. Dee Donatelli, Founder of Dee Donatelli Consulting, President of the Association for Healthcare Resources and Materials Management (AHRMM) and past Chairperson of the Association for Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals (AHVAP) joins us.

In this informative episode Ms. Sharon Weinstein Founder and CEO Of the SMW Group discuss many key topics affecting our GURUs today. From Covid- 19 impacts such as supply chain disruptions, Sharon helps us understand what we should be thinking about.

Listen into Med Tech Gurus where I interview Dr. Gleb Tsipursky. He is the author of ” Never Go With Your Gut; How Pioneering Business Leaders Make The Best Decision & Avoid Business Disasters”

In terms of supply chain disruption, “this is the worst we have see it in our entire career,” says Barbara Strain, of Barbara Strain Consulting and Healthcare Value Consultant, Excelerant Consulting. Listen to Med Tech Gurus’ special episode about global supply chain disruptions where Strain and Skender Daerti, of The Clinician Exchange, provide incredible insights into supply chain challenges and its impact on patient care.

In this informative episode, Christian Ries  of Sharpless Healthcare Consulting, discusses the best practices he developed while setting up a very unique blood- sourcing strategy for a major IDN.

Ries developed a process that created not only huge saving and efficiencies but also enhanced the efficient distribution and availability of these critical products. Ries goes on to explain lessons learned and how these can be applied to many other disciplines.



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