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Tom Hickey, Podcast Host and Founder of MedTech Gurus, is a Partner at Excelerant Consulting.

In this episode of Med Tech Guru’s, Dr Sean Runnels describes how a disruptive concept can turn into a game changer. Dr. Runnels discusses the similarities of todays Med Device Markets compare to the automotive manufactures of the 1970s. Toyota caught them napping, will todays Med tech entrepreneurs do the same in the Med Tech […]

In this episode of Med Tech Gurus, Mr. Barry Rigby brings incredible value. He does this by comparing and contrasting the US Healthcare market vs the Healthcare markets in Asia. Barry discusses the need for the right partners. They can make all of the difference. Listen in as Barry discusses which countries you might want […]

In this episode of Med Tech Gurus, Dr Sandra Dudziak compares and contrasts the differences in launching your Medi Tech in Canada vs the United States. Even though we are geographically close neighbors and business partners there are clear differences between the two countries with how a company launches new devices. Listen in as Sandra […]

In this episode of Med tech Gurus. Dan Darges Founder and CEO of Adept Orthopedic Executives discusses key aspects to bringing new orthopedic implant devices to the market. Clinical input from surgeons is one of the important inputs to a successful technology. Dan suggests that there are definitely talented engineers out there. However, match their […]

In this episode of Med Tech Guru’s Dr. Anvy Vaidya brings incredible value. She does this by comparing and contrasting the US Healthcare market vs the Healthcare market in India. Then she goes on to discuss how” Social interaction will help you grow”, both personally and professionally. Dr. Vaidya concludes by discussing VellNet and the […]

In this episode Bryan Eckard brings incredible value discussing the best practices of working with regional specialty distributors.  Bryan adds additional value by going into detail with working with clinical specialists to help build trust and to enhance the sales message.

In this episode John Rafols Founder of Pointe Medical discuss the challenges and opportunities of taking your medical technology global. When should you do this? What are the challenges.

In this episode of Med Tech Gurus. Alyssa Huffman discuss the importance of getting legal review of a non-compete agreement. If you aren’t careful it could cost you your career.

IT MATTERS NOT WHETHER YOUR COMPANY IS WELL-KNOWN OR UNKNOWN, or whether you’re big, small or somewhere in-between. A reluctance to consult with outside, expert  consultants can be the difference between outrageous success … or a complete marketplace face-splat. Even if you’ve got the latest and greatest innovation in medical technology!

On this episode of Med Tech Gurus, we sat down with Nancy Trick, Clinical Manager of Worldwide Evidence & Education at Beckton Dickinson. Nancy was kind enough to spend some time talking about the Med Tech market, education & support, and lessons learned from a career in the Medical Technology sector.



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