Our tiered, value-based service means more options for you


Excel Advisor™ is our scaled, value-priced level of sales and marketing expertise for providers of healthcare products and services seeking to expand market share and increase revenues. This tier of service includes a limited number of monthly hours for telephone-based consultation to help you better understand the healthcare sales landscape.

With Excel Advisor™, you’ll gain a keener understanding of how to sell your products into the complex healthcare market, including:

  • Guidance regarding Product Differentiation
  • Preparing for the Value Analysis process
  • Establishing a Pricing Platform
  • Understanding RFI/RFP Protocol
  • Marketing & Sales strategies

We also provide guidance on the very complex world of Group Purchasing Organizations [GPOs], Integrated Delivery Networks [IDNs] and Regional Purchasing Coalitions [RPCs].

You’ll learn how the market works, how to build your plan, and what it will take to get to ‘yes’ quickly – all at a “pay as you use” price you can afford!

To learn more, contact Frank Ripullo [949.842.2520] or Nancy Kailas [847.682.8532].

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